Sell Luxury Watches

Sell or trade your watch in for another watch at Phigora. With a quality collection and expert watch makers on staff, we make sure you always get a good deal when you sell or trade in your watch. As trusted watch buyers, we deliver high-quality service for everyone who enters our store. If you’re ready to sell or trade luxury watches, please provide us with some information about your watch and we will contact you within 24 hours. Find quality and service as prestigious as the brands we sell when you trade in or sell your luxury watch today.

Step 1
step 1

Fill Out The Form

Please provide details and pictures of your watch.

Step 2
step 2

Mail Your Watch

Once you speak to a member of our team, we will send you an insured prepaid shipping label so that you can send your watch to us.

Step 3
step 3

Get Paid

Once your watch is inspected, you get paid. Simple and easy.

For a quicker response WhatsApp us.