Repair Services

In order to ensure the utmost caliber in watch standards service and care, Phigora has partnered up with Watch Central, a long standing service center with a reputation for excellence. Service is inhouse.

Watch Central, established in 1998, is a trusted and reputable watch repair center in midtown Manhattan. With talented watchmakers who've earned industry recognition, Watch Central's only mission is to repair luxury watches while providing the highest caliber of customer care and watch services.

If you have a watch that is in need of service please feel free to send us the information and we will get back to you with a service estimate.

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Services we provide are as follows:

Overhaul-  We dissemble the watch carefully, inspect, clean, lubricate the watch movement, calibrate the time to ensure perfect precision, water test for resistance, replace gaskets, and polish the watch case and band.

Repair- Consists of replacing gaskets, battery, stem and crown, as well as the crystal protecting the dial. We also reseal and reset the hands of your watch.

Polishing- Dullness, scratches, and other signs of daily or periodic usage will be reduced greatly if not eliminated in our capable hands.

Water Resistance Treatment- We utilize a Witschi tester where we slowly apply pressure to the case and then slowly reduce it. This tests for multiple water depths to ensure your watch is in great working condition.

PVD coating - This coating will make your timepiece more resistant to scratches and will keep its polish regardless of what it has been exposed to.

Phigora offers a two year warranty on watch repair services provided. If you have any questions call +1 (212) 730-4631 or email us at