Pre-Owned Luxury Watches and Affordable New Watches

For many watch fans, the hunt for a great timepiece is almost as exciting as finally finding one and adding it to your collection. It’s a quest that typically requires research and patience. Whilst you can increase your chances of finding the exact watch you want in the condition you desire by depending on experts like Phigora, sometimes the sheer amount of choices can be overwhelming.


So here is a guide to help you navigate between deciding between pre-owned luxury watches (like the ones from experts like Phigora) or an affordable, stylish, brand new watch.


The Pre-Owned Luxury Watch Space is More than Just a Market


Pre-Owned Luxury Watches Breitling Chronomat Chronometer Pre-owned Breitling Chronomat Chronometer


Aside from the affordability that can be found in the pre-owned luxury watch market, the vast options of different watches from a range of brands and eras is another reason clients buy secondhand timepieces. Looking for a Rolex model from your birth year? There are plenty to be found if you know where to look. Or how about a watch similar to the one your dad wore when you were a kid but you’re not exactly sure of the reference number? Chances are, there are tons of fellow watch enthusiasts out there hanging out in forums that will gladly help you track one down or answer any questions you may have.


Pre-Owned Luxury Watches Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi Bezel 16700 Pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi Bezel 16700


When we say the watch-collecting world is a community, it really is. Watch collectors are a group of people that share a passion and appreciation for well-made mini wrist machines. And that’s why we love the pre-owned watch market.


Pre-owned Omega Constellation Automatic Pre-owned Omega Constellation Automatic


We’re in the business of helping people find watches that they will be happy to call their own. Plus, where there are buyers, there must also be sellers—which makes the pre-owned watch market the ideal place for people to sell or trade in their unwanted watches too.


What About New Watches?


Ambassador Watches creates affordable and stylish new timepieces for men Ambassador Watches creates affordable and stylish new timepieces for men


While our love for vintage, discontinued, rare, and iconic luxury watches runs deep, sometimes we look beyond our realm of pre-owned high-end timepieces and discover independent microbrands that make stylish, yet affordable new watches.


Variety is the spice of life, as they say.


Ambassador Watch Heritage 1959 Ambassador Watch Heritage 1959


And that’s when we stumbled upon the watch brand, Ambassador Watches. Based in Sweden, Ambassador Watches take their favorite design elements from vintage watches of different eras and reinterpret them into contemporary men’s watches for today’s tastes. For instance, the Heritage 1921 collection features the classic pyramid-style “Clou de Paris” (also known as the hobnail) pattern on the dial.


Ambassador Watches Heritage 1959 with Black Strap Ambassador Watches Heritage 1959 with Black Strap


On the other hand, the Heritage 1863 watches include Roman numerals typical of the pocket watches of that particular period, while the Heritage 1959 models sport a style evocative of mid-century fashion. Although the watches feature vintage design touches, they are all outfitted with up-to-date details like sapphire crystal, 40mm cases, and clever interchangeable strap systems.


Whether in the pre-owned luxury watches market or in the contemporary microbrand industry, it’s clear that the appreciation of well-designed watches isn’t going anywhere.

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